The Mojave Desert Is a place of unspoiled natural beauty. Breathtaking vistas, mountains looming over sandy valleys, and alien flora dot the hardened landscape. It is a place where builders come to build, dreamers come to dream, and killers come — to hide bodies.

MOJAVE CRIME is a gritty, hard-hitting adaptation of the provocative works Mojave Crime Vol. 1 and Mojave Crime Vol. 2, by Benjamin Goulet.  A world littered with desert rats, freak flag-flying libertarians with shotguns, crusty homesteaders, drug-fueled rampages, criminally minded Marines, and runaway spouses. We live in heightened communities which share the well-known high desert names of Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree, and Wonder Valley — towns peeled off the sun-baked pages of pulp detective novels and pasted onto a landscape, where, if you wander too far off from civilization, you’ll never be seen again.